Did you know that the subject of archaeology fulfils an integral part within lots of people’s daily lives without them knowing it? I figured out that I would develop this particular web-site in order to provide people with a passion in archaeology, a little more knowledge relating to the area of interest.

Being a library assistant, I have already spent several years investigating archaeology and am keen to convey the current developments, techniques and solutions which are transforming this field of endeavour on a daily basis. It is vital that folks who are interested in archaeology manage to keep themselves up to date with the most up-to-date changes as well as news reports about this.

The stuff which I find truly interesting, is simply the amount of comprehensive information and facts that is always appearing from all around the planet on the internet. I really trust that many people having a comparable curiosity in archaeology are going to find this internet site useful and worthwhile, since I get real satisfaction from assembling the short articles, photos and videos which are on the website.

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Geraldine Walters